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Food From the Forest-Lanjak, West Kalimantan (2017)

Million of people depend on the forests and trees outside forest for their food security and nutrition. Foods from forest are contribute to food security because they are relatively inexpensive and often function as safety nets during food insecure seasons such as drought or excessive rain. In order for foods from forest to effectively contribute to food security, there are some issues to consider, including climate change, gender disparities within gathering and collection, improving access and promoting of sustainable foods from forest.

Korit Rattan in Modern Lifestyle (2014)

Korit is an open weave design made from rattan “sega”, a rattan species that has good quality for weaving, because it can be prepared into strips that are smooth and shiny. In old times, Dayak people in Sanggau used to make Korit to gather and collecting their harvest, but now the woven Korit baskets have been combined with genuine leather to transform it into an elegant handbags. The rattan material used in making this handbags is taken from rattan gardens planted by the community themselves since 1996. Rattan is an important non-timber forest product in Indonesia, and Indonesia has by far the longest history of rattan cultivation.

Directed by Nanang Sujana and narrated by Bramantyo Prijosusilo, this video was produce for Green Indonesia initiative.