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Indigenous Peoples: The Guardian of Indonesian Forest (2011)

From Papua to Sumatra, representatives of indigenous peoples agree on the importance of forests. They have proven themselves to be the faithful guardians of Indonesian forests. From Papua to Sumatra, communities are facing similar troubles in the destruction of their forests: large-scale oil palm, plantation forest, and mining concessions. Can Indonesia’s indigenous communities protect more than 15 million hectares of currently pristine customary forests? To save lives, biodiversity, and global climate. This film urges everyone to think clearly, especially to the Indonesian government to place their complete trust in these communities to sustainably manage forests.

Film by Nanang Sujana/Gekko Studio (2011)

The Forests of Southeast Sulawesi (2008)

Local people have developed a sustainable community-based forestry co-operative. The land was purchased by the community and is farmed for teak. The co-operative is the first in Indonesia to achieve Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for sustainability. This has helped to regulate timber production and secure fair prices. However, this forestry program is under continued threat by Indonesia’s endemic corruption.


We Not Ask For More (2007)

People of Sungai Utik village, a Dayak group in heart of Borneo have long struggle to have a recognition from Indonesian government for their customary forest. Why they ask for this? since early 1980 their forest is under threat from logging company, and recently large scale forest conversion is the main threat, to avoid this threat they use a different approach, Eco-label certification!

The film show how their wisdom in protection the ancient forest as portrait of indigenous peoples movement in Indonesia.

Voices From The Forest (2006)

This film is the story of people living near tropical forests in Southeast Asia, in particular the story of indigenous communities in Malaysia, Indonesian and the Philippines. The film explores a community life entwined with the fate of their forest homes. The Voices from the Forest.