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Nanang Sujana

Nanang Sujana is an award winning documentary filmmaker whose work has involved directing, filming and editing a variety of films such as environmental, indigenous peoples, social and human rights. He has been work for news features and programming on BBC Natural History, Netflix, National Geographic, The Guardian, HBO, PBS, Al Jazeera, Stern TV and other major broadcasters. Currently he actively engages with Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) as a board and principal filmmaker.

Born in October 14th 1980, Nanang originally from forest people (Rejang) tribe in Bengkulu, Sumatra. Start his filmmaking carrier after finishing his Marine Biology degree in Bogor Agricultural University in 2003. Under Telapak (Environmental NGO’s) in Bogor, West Java, he and 6 other filmmakers established Gekko Studio. With the main goal is keep produce film for change, to save Indonesian environment and social justice.

With vast experience and well knowledge of Indonesian nature and culture, Nanang Sujana became the first Indonesian won international award in nature and wildlife filmmaking. In 2008, collaborated with Handcrafted Films, we won Best Cultural Message in 31st International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana. In 2009, he became Best Asia-Oceania New Comer Award in 9th Japan Wildlife Film Festival, the biggest wildlife film festival in Asia.

He also trained hundreds of video activist in all over Indonesia and from other countries such as : Malaysia, Philippines and Papua Nugini. He believe, that video is very powerful tools to make a change, to save the nature and save the people.


  • Light camera, especially in forest, indigenous people and underwater
  • Aerial photo and video
  • Editing with Final Cut Pro
  • Interviewing local communities with positive and engaging attitude
  • Good communication skills include listening and understand at least 5 different language
  • Maintaining vast network in all over Indonesia


  • 2020 : Hunting Helmeted Hornbill won Best Wildlife Conservation Film at the International Wildlife Film Festival 2020.
  • 2019 : Hunting Helmeted Hornbill awarded 1st Place My Forest Award, The 12th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival
  • 2016 : 2nd Camera and Aerial for film Hope and Ulin, won 1st and 2nd place in the Short Film Category of the Rainforest Partnership’s Films for the Forest Festival. Austin. Texas.
  • 2016 : 2nd Camera and Aerial for If Not Us Then Who?/From Our Anchestor film; Finalist at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.
  • 2011 : United Nation, Craft Kalimantan; Harmony Culture and Nature selected as official film in UN-Indigenous People’s days and was screening all over the world.
  • 2011 : Helsinki (Finland), guest speaker at ‘Displacement’ Seminar and Film Festival organize by Siemenpuu Foundation
  • 2009 : 9th Japan Wildlife Film Festival. My Forest Tears. Won Best Asia-Oceania New Comer Award
  • 2008 : 31th International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana. 5×5, Voices of Change from the Forest of Indonesia. Best Cultural Message, Best Government Agency, Merit Award for Sound, Merit Award for Perspective and Merit Award for Filmmaker Style
  • 2006 : participant on Wildscreen Festival, wildlife and conservation film festival, Bristol – UK