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Mollo Woven Textile Symbol of Cosmic Harmony (2014)

Mutis Mountain is the highest peak in the East Nusa Tenggara province. It is situated within a surprising alpine landscape and offers views from Timor Leste. It is famous for its mountains of marble stone by local people called Faut Kanaf. The Meto are the indigenous peoples of Gunung Mutis, speaking mollo-miomafo a dialect of the Atoni language who believe that their ancestors actually came from Gunung Mutis. Here up in the mountains especially fine weavings are found, local handicraft that is common to make in almost every household. A sarong size Ikat can take up to several months to complete for a village woman. The patterns that are woven into the Ikat is not merely ornamental. Local people can read from a Ikat ‘sarong’ about the persons rank in society, and clan belonging.

Directed by Nanang Sujana and narrated by Bramanto Prijosusilo, this video was produce for Green Indonesia initiative.