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My Fresh Fish from Everlasting Ocean (2014)

Most people have forgotten that the sea supports their lives, not only the urban community but even those who live and are close to the sea often forget about the importance of this ecosystem. Marine resources can never be substituted by non-marine food resources. But behind these astonishing numbers there is an imminent threat to our seas and products from the sea continue to decline due to the sea degradation. Produce by USAID-IMACS Indonesia this video edited and directed by Nanang Sujana.

Healthy Ocean for Life (2014)

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, approximately 75% of its area is coastal area which consists of 17,500 islands and 81,000 kilometers of coastline. Millions of people depend on marine life which rich with diverse biological resources. Environmentally unfriendly fish catching is one of the real causes of the damage sea, by ignoring the survival of many marine ecosystems.

Produce by USAID-IMACS Indonesia this video edited and directed by Nanang Sujana.

Serkap River (2013)

The forest, river, and peat swamp in Serkap River is a vital ecosystem and a pocket of the world’s biodiversity. It is a place where a new species of fish was discovered. In addition, sustainable management of its fisheries sector can provide sustainable livelihoods for the community. The peat swamp forest of the Kampar Peninsula currently stores 7 billion tons of carbon, an asset to save the global climate. The peat swamp ecosystem can adapt to varying extreme conditions, such as seasonal fluctuations of water surface, acidic water, and low soil nutrients. This condition makes the biota that live here cannot be found in other areas.