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Healthy Ocean for Life (2014)

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, approximately 75% of its area is coastal area which consists of 17,500 islands and 81,000 kilometers of coastline. Millions of people depend on marine life which rich with diverse biological resources. Environmentally unfriendly fish catching is one of the real causes of the damage sea, by ignoring the survival of many marine ecosystems.

Produce by USAID-IMACS Indonesia this video edited and directed by Nanang Sujana.

Deadly Spray in the Archipelago (2012)

The United States and EU are among the world’s major consumers of ornamental fish and corals. Almost every day the species are brought to the countries, most originating from Indonesia, either directly or indirectly. Indonesia accounts for more than 70% of the world’s annual live coral trade.

End consumers rarely know that the products that decorate their houses are produced from destructive practices , which totally ignore the sustainability of the environment and fishermen’s benefits.

A film by Nanang Sujana